Why is foundation the key to flawless skin?

Why is foundation the key to flawless skin?

We all want to skip steps and use less makeup to achieve flawless skin. Foundation is really the “cure all” for perfect, glowing skin. Choose a foundation that will benefit your skin best.

These are the questions you should ask first:

1. Do I need SPF? If you are wearing a moisturizer with SPF and then applying your foundation over it, then it is not necessary.

2. Should I choose a foundation that is oil free? Just because a foundation contains oil does not mean you will break out. Sometimes a foundation that contains oil has a better slip to it. It can also leave your skin with just the right amount of glow.

Now you are ready to choose a foundation.

Try to choose a product that even when a small amount is applied the finish is what you are looking for. Color matching can be difficult at first. Try an remember that after applying foundation it takes approx. 10 minutes for it to oxidize with your skin. The color can change slightly. If it becomes to yellow than choose a lighter color.

I like to remind my clients that our skin changes, not just over time, but depending on what it is exposed to. Stress, weather and dehydration can change the way it looks.

Time to apply.

Apply a small amount on your skin with a brush or a sponge.

A clean brush or sponge will give you the best application and be the most healthy for you skin. If you apply it and you find certain areas of your skin are dry you can mix a touch of your foundation in the palm of your hand with a dab of moisturizer to achieve the finish you want.

As a reminder:

Choose the right type of foundation.

Use a small amount to determine color.

Wait 10 minutes to  make sure color has not changed. If the color is too dark or too light adjust accordingly.